yes complete structured cabling systems to Australian Standards (3080)   yes fibre optic design and installation
yes patch panels, racks and patch fly leads
yes unshielded twisted pair cabling (UTP)   yes network devices (including cabling)
yes thinnet co-ax cabling   yes additional points and relocation

Electro Works can design, supply and install all the cabling and equipment for your network and data systems, or work with you to meet your project specifications.


We have the extensive experience to help you co-ordinate and install a system for commercial, retail, residential and industrial environments with the minimum of fuss and guarantee our workmanship, saving you time and money.


For more information on how Electro Works can help with your data network cabling system requirements, contact us today.




Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) License No: A.R.C AU24775
Registered Electrical Contractor (REC): R.E.C 7379